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Genome-Wide Search for Host Association Factors during Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus Infection

Jesse Thompson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Fangrui Ma, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Meghan Quinn, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Shi-Hua Xiang, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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Copyright © 2016 Thompson et al. Used by permission.


Ovine progressive pneumonia virus (OPPV) is an important virus that causes serious diseases in sheep and goats with a prevalence of 36% in the USA. Although OPPV was discovered more than half of a century ago, little is known about the infection and pathogenesis of this virus. In this report, we used RNA-seq technology to conduct a genome-wide probe for cellular factors that are associated with OPPV infection. A total of approximately 22,000 goat host genes were detected of which 657 were found to have been significantly up-regulated and 889 down-regulated at 12 hours post-infection. In addition to previously known restriction factors from other viral infections, a number of factors which may be specific for OPPV infection were uncovered. The data from this RNA-seq study will be helpful in our understanding of OPPV infection, and also for further study in the prevention and intervention of this viral disease.