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Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine Volume 2020, Article ID 6543037, 3 pages


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A six-year-old multiparous Angus cow was presented for dystocia. Vaginal and rectal examinations revealed an approximately 360° counterclockwise uterine torsion. The torsion was corrected by rolling the cow counterclockwise (three episodes) with the aid of a plank coupled with manual detorsion via the vagina. The placement of obstetric chains followed by manual traction ultimately delivered a stillborn male calf with evidence of vertebral aplasia, arthrogryposis, and abdominal organ herniation. Patient history and subsequent parentage verification revealed that the calf was the result of a consanguineous (mother to son) mating. Tissue samples from the affected calf and blood samples from the dam, sire, and ten half siblings were collected for genetic testing and parentage verification. Necropsy, radiographic, and computed tomography examinations all supported a diagnosis of perosomus elumbis. Perosomus elumbis is a congenital abnormality of unknown origin(s), and this is the first report of a case associated with a consanguineous mating.