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Buffalo Med Surg J. 1889 Apr; 28(9): 499–504.

PMCID: PMC9473058


This is not a new disease by any means, so far as the United States are concerned, nevertheless I have been unable to find any description of it in the literature at my command. While new to myself until the past Summer, there have been quite a number of reports of its existence, and complaints about it, from farmers and breeders of cattle in some of the live-stock journals of our western States. Under these circumstances, it would seem that a description of its clinical phenomena and gross pathological lesions may not be without scientific interest to the opthalmologist, and have some practical value as well, especially as experience has shown that the extension of the disease over the members of a herd of cattle can be easily prevented by isolation measures, and its course much shortened by the mildest and simplest therapeutic treatment. History.-During the past year, three quite extensive outbreaks have been reported to me in Nebraska; one having been at Kearney, and another at Gibbon, in Buffalo county, while a third occurred in the immediate vicinity of Lincoln, thus giving an opportunity for some personal observations.