Water Center, The



Date of this Version

June 2007



• Annual Tour Ready to Explore New Mexico’s Lower Pecos River by Steve Ress

• Sandhills Dunes May Be More Stable Than Was Thought By Brent Atema

• From the Director by Kyle D. Hoagland

• Meet the Faculty

• From Kitchen to Countries: A Profile of the Groundwater Foundation By Susan S. Seacrest

• NIWR Members Gather for Annual Washington D.C. Conference by Lorrie Benson

• Is Water Property? By Sandra B. Zellmer and Jessica Harder

• Fourth Annual UNL Water Law, Policy and Science Conference Embassy Suites, Hotel, Lincoln “The Future of Water Use in Agriculture”

• Water News Briefs

• What’s New at the UNL Water Sciences Laboratory By Daniel D. Snow, Ph.D.

• “God’s Kitchen” Blends Environmental, Religious Messages By Lorrie Benson

• Help Improve the Water Current