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“The Digital Incunabula is Patrick Aievoli’s personal sonnet through media, interaction and communication design. He carefully crafts each evolutionary step into ripples that are supported by his own storied professional and academic experiences. It’s full of facts, terms and historical information which makes it perfect for anyone looking to flat out learn!” ● James Pannafino, Professor, Millersville University & Interaction Design

“This is a serious work that will find a broad community of readers. The depth and breadth of Aievoli’s experience in the publication industry give his voice and ideas credibility in the extreme. This book will inspire deep reflection.” ● Dr. Joan Digby, Professor, LIU Post – English Department & Director, Honors College

“Very interesting read and gives a real sense of the transformation we have gone through over the past 50+ years. … I really like the first hand account.” ● Steve Carniol, Director of Online Technology and Instructional Design at Galen College of Nursing

“You’ve got a great textbook here for designers. I really like how you break down each category (entertainment, education, etc...) It’s a fascinating look at technology and where it’s taking us.” ● Dr. Jennifer Cusumano, Adjunct media professor, LIU Post

“Well documented, well written, and well argued.” ● Dr. Michael Soupios, Professor Political Science, LIU Post



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