The aim of this international journal is to publish articles pertaining to the "art" or "science" involved in contemporary actuarial practice. In addition, the Journal of Actuarial Practice provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues pertaining to the education of actuaries and the future of the actuarial profession.
The Journal welcomes articles providing new (or improved) strategies or techniques that can be used by practicing actuaries. In this regard, one of the goals of the Journal is to improve communication between the practicing and the academic actuarial communities.
The Journal publishes articles in a wide variety of formats, including technical papers, commentaries/opinions, discussions, essays, book reviews, and letters. The technical papers published in the Journal are neither abstract nor esoteric; they are practical and readable.
Topics suitable for this journal include the following areas: AIDS, annuity products, asset-liability matching, cash-flow testing, casualty ratemaking, credibility theory, credit insurance, disability insurance, expense analysis, experience studies, FASB issues, financial reporting, group insurance, health insurance, individual risk taking, insurance regulations, international issues, investments, liability insurance, loss reserves, marketing, pensions, pricing issues, product development, reinsurance, reserving issues, risk-based capital, risk theory, social insurance, solvency issues, taxation, valuation issues, workers' compensation.

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Journal of Actuarial Practice - Volume 13 (2006) - Contents and Masthead


Estimation of Large Insurance Losses: A Case Study, Tine Buch-Kromann



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