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Published in Cornhusker Economics, 01/30/2008. Produced by the Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


The question of “How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value and Build Competitive Advantage” is the subtitle to a new book titled Green to Gold, by Esty and Winston (E&W, 2006). They point to how companies are finding ways to make money on the “green” path… more accurately, on the ecopath, the sustainable path for their business and industry. We might liken the shift in thinking and business trends documented in this book to a kind of tsunami; as E&W refer to it, a huge Green Wave on which the leading companies are the WaveRiders. These companies see the eco-advantage (another term they coin) in taking the ecopath to sustainability. Companies (and communities within which these entities are embedded), who ignore the possibilities on the eco-path risk being washed away.