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Cornhusker Economics (May 2011)


Published by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural Economics. Copyright © [2011] Board of Regents, University of Nebraska.


In the current era of political hard choices driven by government austerity, it is not surprising to see a change in emphasis from statewide community collaboration and partnership to “every community for itself.” When tough choices at the state and regional level need to be made, one of the key issues is often where to put those limited resources . . . is it in rural areas or urban areas?

But what if we stepped back and approached this in a different way . . . instead of considering resource allocation in terms of rural or urban, what if we approached it as rural and urban? Instead of treating rural and urban as separate entities, what if we took a closer look at the interdependencies of these economics? Is there a way to understand the leveraging and power of rural-urban connections and resources?