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Cornhusker Economics (June 2012)


Published by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural Economics. Copyright © [2012] Board of Regents, University of Nebraska.


The 2012 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates are now available. These publications are the result of surveys that have been repeated on even numbered years for some time. Those who are familiar with the past publications will find that the current ones are very similar. The following description is for those who may not be aware of these publications.

The surveys and publications are done in two parts. Part I contains the rates for the spring and summer custom operations. These include tillage, planting, haying, fertilizer application and spraying operations, as well as small grain harvest. Part II contains rates that generally relate to fall operations, grain harvesting, making and hauling silage, hauling hay, cattle and other commodities and harvesting other crops.