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Cornhusker Economics, December 20, 2000,


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Cooperative fever is sweeping Nebraska. Agricultural producers are looking for ways to add value to what they produce, often through forming “new generation” cooperatives or by forming limited liability companies (LLCs). New generation cooperatives differ from traditional cooperatives in that new generation cooperatives typically (1) have closed membership and (2) process goods produced by co-op members. New generation cooperatives are more like citrus and other fruit cooperatives that have existed in other parts of the country. The Nebraska Unicameral is providing financial assistance to assist developing these kinds of value-added efforts through LB1348, the “Agricultural Opportunities and Value-Added Partnerships Act.” LB1348 was enacted in 2000 and is administered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. For questions regarding LB1348 grants, call the NDA at (800) 422-6692.