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This tax season will be the first time cooperatives and their patrons will consider the income tax consequences of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). A key element of the TCJA, Section 199A, affects farm income tax liability. Not only is the Section 199A deduction a good tax break for farmers, it changes incentives for farmer patrons to market through cooperatives. It also changes incentives for how cooperatives distribute their income. Cooperative members, their boards of directors, and management teams will have many tax strategy options to consider in 2019.

The good news about Section 199A is that it may reduce farmer income tax liability. The TCJA lowered income tax rates for corporate farms to 21 percent. Section 199A was developed to provide an income tax deduction for unincorporated farms. Subject to certain limitations, Section 199A allows non-corporate farms to receive a 20 percent deduction on farm income.