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J. Dairy Sci. 106:2193–2197


Open access.


In 2022, the 105th volume of the Journal of Dairy Science was published. As we review the journal’s last year, it may be useful to reflect on the purpose of scientific publishing. This can be simply stated as the dissemination of results that extends knowledge to open the door for new concepts or advances in the field (Chan, 2018). Similar to other journals, in addition to original research articles, Journal of Dairy Science also publishes invited reviews and other paper types to pursue this purpose. The journal also has other valuable roles. For example, scientific journals actively support authors in their creative practices while also playing a role in interpersonal interactions of the scientific community. For the Journal of Dairy Science, the year began with the release of our first gold open access issue (Kononoff, 2022). This has increased the exposure of our authors’ work to a larger audience while also aligning authors to open access publishing policies such as the Plan S initiative of cOAlition S ( ). The change has also enhanced access to Journal of Dairy Science content for dairy scientists and dairy industry professionals in developing countries.