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Data in Brief 14 (2017) 695–706.


Published by Elsevier Inc. This is an open access article under the CC BY license.


RNA expression analysis was performed on the corpus luteum tissue at five time points after prostaglandin F2 alpha treatment of midcycle cows using an Affymetrix Bovine Gene v1 Array. The normalized linear microarray data was uploaded to the NCBI GEO repository (GSE94069). Subsequent statistical analysis determined differentially expressed transcripts ± 1.5-fold change from saline control with P ≤ 0.05. Gene ontology of differentially expressed transcripts was annotated by DAVID and Panther. Physiological characteristics of the study animals are presented in a figure. Bioinformatic analysis by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis was curated, compiled, and presented in tables. A dataset comparison with similar microarray analyses was performed and bioinformatics analysis by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, DAVID, Panther, and String of differentially expressed genes from each dataset as well as the differentially expressed genes common to all three datasets were curated, compiled, and presented in tables. Finally, a table comparing four bioinformatics tools’ predictions of functions associated with genes common to all three datasets is presented. These data have been further analyzed and interpreted in the companion article “Early transcriptome responses of the bovine mid-cycle corpus luteum to prostaglandin F2 alpha includes cytokine signaling” [1].

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Supplemental Table 5 - Upstream Regulators of Common Genes

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Supplemental Table 1 - Upstream Regulators of PGF2α time course

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Supplemental Table 2 - Upstream Regulators of SOMs

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Supplemental Table 3 - Functional Annotations of SOMs

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Supplemental Table 4 - Upstream Regulators of Dataset Comparison