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Published in 2021 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska Extension Publication MP110


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Accurately predicting intake is critical to model performance of cattle in order to formulate diets to meet nutritional requirements. Modeling systems must be accurate in order to provide correct information to producers. Multiple studies with growing cattle consuming forage- based diets were summarized. Actual gain and weights of the cattle were used to determine predicted dry matter intake using the Beef Cattle Nutrient Requirements Model (2016). ! e predicted dry matter intakes were compared to observed dry matter intakes to determine accuracy of the prediction model. ! e model over predicted intakes at low TDN and under predicted intakes at higher TDN values, with the interaction at approximately 64% TDN. ! e Beef Cattle Nutrient Requirements Model (2016) does not accurately predict dry matter intake of growing calves consuming forage- based diets.