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Date of this Version

January 1997


Published in 1997 Nebraska Beef Report. Published by The Agricultural Research Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Table of Contents

Cow-Calf: Seasonal Changes in Protein Degradabilities of Sandhills Native Range and Subirrigated Meadow Diets and Application of a Metabolizable Protein System • First Limiting Nutrient of Native Range for Summer Calving Cows During the Breeding Season and Late Lactation • Rumen Degradable Protein Requirement of Gestating Summer Calving Beef Cows Grazing Dormant Native Sandhills Range • Supplemental Protein on Performance of Lactating Beef Heifers • Evaluation of Feather Meal for Cows Grazing Cornstalks • Effects of Supplementing High Levels of Cu, Co, Mn, and Zn after Calving on Productivity of Two-Year-Old Cows • Effects of Copper and Selenium Injections on Cow Productivity and Concentration of Copper in Liver Biopsy Samples • Effects of Sire EPD, Dam Traits and Calf Traits on Calving Difficulty and Subsequent Reproduction of Two-Yr-Old Heifers

Growing: Cornstalk Grazing in Protected and Unprotected Fields • Comparative Grazing of Corn and Soybean Residue • Grazing Corn Residues in Conventional and Ridge-Till Planting Systems • Continuous vs Rotational Stocking of Warm-season Grasses at Three Stocking Rates • Cover Crops in Crop/Livestock Production Systems • Effect of Crop Residue Grazing on Crop Production-Update of Research Activities

New Methods and Technology: Estimating In Situ Degradability of Protein in Forages • Ammonia (NPN) Utilization by Prevotella ruminicola is Affected by the Availability of Peptides • Mutants of Prevotella ruminicola Defective in Peptidase Activity Impact on Ammonia • Biochemical Characterization of a Peptidase Enzyme from the Ruminal Bacterium Prevotella ruminicola • Effect of Rumensin and Feed Intake Variation on Ruminal pH

Finishing: Evaluating Breakeven for Various Management Systems for Different Breed Types from Weaning to Slaughter • Forage Combinations for Summer and Fall Grazing • Synchronizing Micotil Treatment with Time of Sickness in Newly Received Calves • Digestibility of Dry-rolled Corn, Wet Corn Gluten Feed, and Alfalfa Hay in Receiving and Finishing Diets • Lysine Requirements for Feedlot Cattle • Effect of Dried Poultry Waste on Performance of Finishing Yearling Steers • Wet Corn Gluten Feed as a Source of Rumen Degradable Protein for Finishing Steers • Evaluation of Corn Bran and Corn Steep Liquor for Finishing Steers • A Bacterial Preservative for Ensiled High-Moisture Corn • A Low Roughage Diet Alternative for Finishing Cattle • Time of Feeding Influence on Cattle Exposed to Heat • Effects of Heat Exposure on Adapting Feedlot Cattle to Finishing Diets • Effects of Feeding Level and Diet Energy Density on Cattle Exposed to Heat • Composting of Feedlot Waste-Update of Research Activities