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Published in 2012 Beef Cattle Report (2012) p. 22-23. Copyright © 2012 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


A two-year study utilizing primiparous heifers evaluated the influence of rumen undegradable protein (RUP) supplement level on heifer and progeny performance. Heifers were individually fed meadow hay and no supplement (CON), 1.8 lb/day (DM) dried distillers based (HIGH) supplement, or 1.8 lb/day (DM) dried corn gluten feed based (LOW) supplement during late gestation. Heifers from HIGH and LOW groups had greater final BW, DMI, ADG, and G:F compared to CON heifers. Calves from HIGH dams had greater pre-breeding BW and LOW calves had greater weaning BW compared to CON calves. Feedlot initial BW was greater for HIGH and LOW calves compared to CON calves. However, final BW and carcass characteristics were similar among treatments. Providing RUP supplementation during late gestation increased heifer final BW and ADG. Calves from supplemented dams had increased pre-breeding, weaning, and initial feedlot BW compared to CON calves.