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January 2007


Published in 2007 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Copyright © 2006 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Three-hundred seventy six crossbred yearling steers were fed one of four treatments: 1) Control (CON) 2) CRINA RUMINANTS AF (CRINA) 3) CRINA RUMINANTS AF plus Tylan® (CRINA + T), and 4) Rumensin® plus Tylan® (RUM + T) to determine the potential of an essential oil additive to improve steer growth performance and carcass characteristics. There were no differences in Final BW or ADG between treatments. Steers fed RUM + T had lower DMI than other treatments and F:G was improved for the CRINA + T and RUM + T fed steers compared with CON steers. Treatments containing Tylan® had significantly fewer liver abscesses as compared to the other treatments. The addition of CRINA RUMINANTS AF plus Tylan® or Rumensin® plus Tylan® improved F:G and decreased liver abscesses compared to no additives.