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2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska—Lincoln Extension, MP101.


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A commercial feedlot study compared the effects of three initial implant strategies [Revalor® 200 (Rev200), Revalor® IS (RevIS), or Revalor® XS (RevXS)] followed by a Revalor 200 terminal implant on performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot cattle. No differences in final BW, DMI, ADG, or F:G were observed. The RevXS treatment resulted in larger LM area, lower calculated yield grades, less back fat, and a greater percentage of yield grade 1 carcasses. The Rev200 and the RevXS treatments had a higher percentage of carcasses that graded select compared to RevIS suggesting initial implant has little impact on feedlot performance but small effects on quality and fatness at equal days on feed.