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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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Steer calves grazing corn residue (86 d) were assigned to 1 of 5 treatments to evaluate the effects of protein and energy supplements on steer performance. Th e 5 treatments consisted of 1) un-supplemented control (NS), 2) dry rolled corn only (CRN), 3) 89% dry rolled corn/6% molasses/5% urea (C + RDP), 4) 60/40 blend of soy- pass/soybean meal (SP), and 5) dried distillers grains plus solubles (DGS). Supplements were fed to provide equal TDN intake. Average daily gain among treatments was 1.48, 1.32, 0.53, 0.31, and −0.18 lbs. for SP, DGS, C + RDP, CRN, and NS, respectively. Only steers fed SP and DGS produced over- winter gains greater than 1 lb/d, suggesting metabolizable protein requirements must be met for growing calves to utilize residue efficiently.

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