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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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Ten years of performance data from 2005– 2014 were summarized to evaluate the effects of distillers grains plus solubles supplementation or fertilization of smooth bromegrass on performance and economic profitability of yearling steers with corn priced at either $3,4, or 5/bu and DGS priced at either 95, 105, or 115% the price of corn. Steers supplemented with distillers grains on non- fertilized smooth bromegrass had greater ADG (2.37 lb/d) compared with unsupplemented steers (1.69 lb/d). Unsupplemented steers grazing fertilized and nonfertilized pasture had similar gains; however, steers grazing fertilized pasture were more profitable due to savings in land rent. Supplemented steers were more profitable than unsupplemented steers until distillers grains reached 105% the price of $5/bu corn.

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