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2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP105. Lincoln, NE.


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A digestion trial was conducted to determine the effects of the removal of corn oil from modified distillers grains plus solubles (MDGS) and the impact of supplemental corn oil on finishing cattle nutrient digestion. Four treatments were evaluated: a corn control diet (CON), 40% de-oiled MDGS (DO MDGS), or 38% de-oiled MDGS plus 2% corn oil (MDGS + Oil) formulated to equal the fat content of FF MDGS, or 40% full fat MDGS (FF MDGS). Treatment differences were observed for digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, and fiber, but not for fat. When oil was added to de-oiled MDGS, digestibility was decreased for dry matter, organic matter, and fiber when compared to de-oiled or full fat MDGS. Digestibility values from feeding DGS relative to corn control diets do not follow the same trend, digestible energy increases with DGS feeding, but OM digestibility decreases with DGS feeding.