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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1967. Department of Agronomy.


Copyright 1967, the author. Used by permission.


It is the purpose of this study to compare the soil atmosphere composition of stubble-mulched and plowed soils on the Sharpsburg silty clay loam soil in regard to CO2, O2, and N2 over a range of moisture conditions in the field and in the laboratory.

Experiments were conducted on soil samples obtained from the field and in the laboratory to determine the effects of stubble mulching and plowing on soil serration. It is concluded that serration is not a factor in the yield reductions associated with stubble mulching. However, the data indicate that the serration status of the soil can be altered to the point where it could be toxic to plant growth in both stubble-mulched and plowed soils.

Advisor: T. M. McCalla