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July 2004


Marti, D. C., & Sheridan, S. M. (2004, July). A closer look at parent affective statements in CBC. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI. Permission to use.


• Parent support for their child’s education has been shown to be important for academic, behavior, and social success in school (Christenson & Sheridan, 2001).

• Family process variables within the home have been shown to correlate with a child’s educational success (Epstein, 1995; Kellaghan, Sloane, Alvarez, & Bloom, 1993).

• One process variable, the nature and tone of parental statements, can have a significant impact on their child’s perceptions, attitudes, and subsequent success in school (Bempechat, 1998).

• An important goal of school professionals is to assist parents to improve their parenting skills (Goals 2000: Educate American Act, 1994). However, there is little research to date that demonstrates how schools can assist in helping parents develop patterns of positive communication with their children, particularly involving school-related issues.