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Date of this Version

September 2004


Sheridan, S. M. (2004, September). Family-school partnerships: Creating essential connections for student success. Keynote presented at the Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Why Family-School Partnerships?
What Do We Mean by “Partnership?”
Families and Schools as “Partners”
Characteristics of Effective Partnerships
Family-School Partnerships: Research Findings
General Research Findings
Research Findings Related to Outcomes
Family-School Partnerships: Theoretical Underpinnings
The Importance of Continuity
Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: A Definition
Conjoint Behavioral Consultation
Conceptual Bases: Ecological-Behavioral Theory
Stages of CBC Problem Solving
CBC Outcome Goals
Outcome Research in CBC
Child Participants
Research Conclusions: Problem Solving Outcomes of CBC
Relational/Process Goals in CBC
Process Research in CBC
Congruity Research
Research Conclusions: Process Variables in CBC