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Sheet P 5 Series M641 (CCM), 1958


  1. This map was included with a copy of Engineer Intelligence Guide 31: Production of Cross-Country Studies which was loaned by the US Army Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, MS.
  2. This map was prepared by the 139th Engineer Detachment (Terrain) and the USGS Team (Europe) in August 1958 under the direction of the Engineer, US Army Europe. It was printed by the Army 656 Engineer Battalion (TOPO).
  3. This map is based on a sheet from the US Army Map Service topographic map for Germany at the scale of 1:100,000 with an overlay showing impediments to cross-country maneuvering. The base map was “Geographical Section, General Staff, No. 4416, (AMS M641), published by the War Office, 1944, fourth edition, 1954.”


In addition to a basic legend of the topographic map showing symbols for roads, railroads, and urban areas, this map contains a “Map Explanation” in a column added on the left-hand side. The Map Explaination describes the purpose of the map as follows:

This map deals with cross-country movement, or movement away from roads. It examines specifically the influence of terrain features on [the] movement, including maneuvering, of a standard medium tank, like the type used by United States military forces.

The explanation describes and provides a key to the 9 levels of passability shown by coloring or cross-hatching on the map along with definitions for the terms passable, doubtful, and impracticable. It provides keys showing the symbols used for embankments and escarpments, the symbols showing forest density, and another for the symbols showing drainage features.

The reverse contains a detailed description of the criteria for evaluation of cross-country movement conditions and a detailed summary of the data on this particular map, sheet P 5 Halberstadt (Cross Country Movement).

If you wish to compare this map with the basic topographic map on which it is based see the digital copy of the “Halberstadt Sheet P5, 1:100,000” from the Series M 641, Central Europe, 1:100,000, Army Map Service, 1943 which was made available by the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas at Austin. It is at: