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In: Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: Boulder Damage Symposium 1985; ASTM STP 1015


Copyright 1988 by ASTM International. Used by permission.


The implantation of 150 kev molybdenum ions into polished molybdenum laser mirrors is found to increase the complex dielectric constant in the visible spectrum. Analysis using the Bruggeman effective medium approximation demonstrates that the increase is due to surface smoothing and that the surface is made nearly atomically smooth by a fluence of 5 x 1015 /cm2. Implantation of Au at 1Mev caused considerable microscopic roughening, as well as a change in the bulk optical properties. 3 MeV Ni ion implantation caused only a slight surface roughening. A thin dielectric film (probably a hydrocarbon) is found to condense in a laboratory atmosphere, reducing the reflectivity, and is removable by rinsing with methanol and distilled water.