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Symposium held at International Motor Inn Schiller Park, Illinois, July 21 & 22, 1971. Published by the Nebraska Curriculum Development Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. January 1972


The discussion at the Chicago meeting was edited for publication and includes articles, reviews, and essays relating to subjects discussed.




List of Participants.

I. Real Educational Needs and Strategies for Response

A. The Roots of Reform and the Demography of Supply and Demand

B. The Need for Teachers With Specialized Skills

C. Summary on Information Needed

"The Crisis of Confidence in Schools and Society " -- Dean Corrigan.

"The Preparation of the Teacher: An Evaluation of the State of the Art" -- Paul A. Olson

II. Targeted Education for Teachers and Access to Teacher Training

III. Accountability

A. The Concept of Accountability

B. Power Relationships: Accountability, Accessibility and Constituencies

"How Should Schools Be Held Accountable?" -- Murray Wax

"Review of Human and Social Benefits"--Jerry L. Petr

IV. Power and Oppression: Differences Among Cultures and Matters of Common Humanity

A. Power Relationships: Teacher Education and Confusions about Integration, Racism, and Oppression

B. Teacher Education: Schools and Communities: How to Evaluate Differentiated Reform

"Separatism, Segregation, and Integration" -- Barbara Sizemore and Anderson Thompson

"Internationalism and Interculturalism as Concepts" -- Paul G. Orr

"Persisting Ideological Issues of Assimilation in America: Implications for Assessment Practices in Psychology and Education" -- Alfredo Castaneda.

"Review of Teachers for the Real World" -- Dean Corrigan..... 121

V. The Blending of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education: Teaching-Learning Centers

"Teacher Education: Repair, Reform, or Revolution?" -- George W. Denemark

"The New School"--Vito Perrone and Warren Strandberg

"Program for Early Clinical Training of Prospective Teachers"-- Joan Goldsmith

"The Center for Inner City Studies as a Community Enterprise" -- Nancy L. Arnez

"A College for You--The New College" -- University of Alabama Bulletin

"Reorganizing the College of Education" --Paul G. Orr

"Restructuring University Organization Through Program Budgeting" --Paul G. Orr

VI. Credentialling: Real vs. Vested Authority

"A Proposal For a Commission on the Licensing of Teachers" -- Dennis Doyle

VII. Clinical Schools and Pre-Service Education: Protecting

Freedom and Innovation in the School

VIII. Summary Statement by Paul A. Olson