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Poster Presented at University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Fair, April 4-5, 2017


Copyright (c) 2017 CarlyRain Adams, Yulie E. Meneses, Bing Wang, Curtis Weller


The energy-water nexus is the inseparable connection linking water and energy. We are faced with a unique opportunity to co-manage these resources, as conservation of one is directly linked to the conservation of its counterpart. Therefore, immediately facing this critical challenge, will lead to tangible impacts on the water and energy crisis our food system is faced with. Determining the role of water and energy in the food industry has proved to be the starting point for reducing the distance between process productivity and resource efficiency. Therefore, this research focuses on determining opportunities for water-energy optimization and wastewater reduction and reconditioning in a medium sized dairy plant processing pasteurized fluid milk. The long term goal of this research is to transform our findings into a set of industry wide guidelines that will create a culture of water and energy conservation.

Objective 1. To determine the baseline quantities of water and energy consumed by a medium sized dairy plantand to locate potential areas for source reduction

Objective 2. To design treatments for reconditioning and reuse of the premier location of wastewater generation