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The George Eliot Review 19 (1988)


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Having been intrigued by the puzzle on P. 87 of the previous edition of the Review my mind has turned to anagrams (perhaps the Review should have a crossword puzzle - I enjoy a crossword puzzle!) but without any great success. Trying "George Eliot" produces various unpromising words like "tiger" and "girl", but nothing very relevant. If only there were an "n" Eng. Lit. would appear quite satisfactory.

Turning to the name Adams, again I find nothing very relevant. Kathleen is surely not "sad" about the undertaking she embarked on more than 20 years ago, though she may feel she was "mad" to begin! My wife Marjorie and I thoroughly enjoyed singing to Kathleen at her celebratory party, and I am glad to take the opportunity in writing this greeting to all members of the Fellowship to thank Kathleen for all her hard work and enthusiasm during her first 21 years as Secretary, and to tell her that we are all looking forward to the next 21 years.