In 1981, noted historian Frederick C. Luebke edited the first issue of Great Plains Quarterly. In his editorial introduction, he wrote

The Center for Great Plains Studies has several purposes in publishing the Great Plains Quarterly. Its general purpose is to use this means to promote appreciation of the history and culture of the people of the Great Plains and to explore their contemporary social, economic, and political problems. The Center seeks further to stimulate research in the Great Plains region by providing a publishing outlet for scholars interested in the past, present, and future of the region." [GPQ 1981 (1:1:3)]

Great Plains Quarterly is published four times a year and includes peer-reviewed articles on a wide variety of regional topics. Great Plains Quarterly seeks a readership of scholars and interested laypersons, and publishes articles on history, literature, culture, and social issues relevant to the Great Plains, which include Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The journal is edited by a faculty member from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and includes a distinguished international board of advisory editors. Recent issues include articles on Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park, transient services in Kansas during 1933-35, maps of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation, sea and prairiescapes in contemporary art, racial violence in Kansas, and critical essays on Mari Sandoz and Willa Cather.

Starting with Volume 34 (2014), Great Plains Quarterly is published by University of Nebraska Press and distributed online through Project Muse,


Review of Fire in the Water, Earth in the Air: Legends of West Texas Music By Christopher J. Oglesby, Kent Blaser

Land, Speculation, and Manipulation on the Pecos, Stephen Bogener

Review of Rosie Sandifer: Language of Art. By Rosie Sandifer., Peter S. Briggs

Life and Landscapes In The Post-Office Communities of Holt County, Nebraska, Rebecca A. Buller

Review of Taking Charge: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1975-1993 By George Pierre Castile., Larry Burt

Review of After Lewis & Clark: The Forces of Change, 1806-1871. By Gary Allen Hood, Suzan Campbell

Review of Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves. By Art T. Burton, Amy E. Carreiro

Review of By His Own Hand?: The Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis Edited by John D. W. Guice, Robert Carriker

Review of White Man's Club: Schools, Race, and the Struggle of Indian Acculturation By Jacqueline Fear-Segal, Michael C. Coleman

Review of Blackfoot War Art: Pictographs of the Reservation Period, 1880-2000 By L. James Dempsey, Gerald T. Conaty

Review of Beyond the Missouri: The Story of the American West By Richard W. Etulain, Julie Courtwright

Review of Forty Years a Legislator: Elmer ThomasBy Elmer Thomas, Suzanne Jones Crawford

Constructing a Home on the Range Homemaking in Early-Twentieth-Century Plains Photograph Albums, Christina E. Dando

Review of Beyond Madness: The Art of Ralph Blakelock, 1847-1919 By Norman A. Geske, Abraham A. Davidson

Review of Alberta Art and Artists: An Overview By Patricia Ainslie and Mary-Beth Laviolette, Leslie Dawn

Review of Riding to the Rescue: The Transformation of the RCMP in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1914- 1939. By Steve Hewitt, Michael Dawson

Review of A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885 By Gregory and Susan Michno, Kathryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola

Review of Cather Studies 6: History, Memory, and War Edited by Steven Trout, Margaret Doane

Review of Everett Baker's Saskatchewan: Portraits of an Era. Selected by Bill Waiser, Patrick C. Douaud

Why the Homesteading Data Are So Poor (And What Can Be Done About It), Richard Edwards

U.S. Indian Policy, 1865-1890 As Illuminated Through the Lives Of Charles A. Eastman and Elaine Goodale Eastman, Gretchen Cassel Eick

Review of Searching for Sacred Ground: The Journey of Chief Lawrence Hart, Mennonite By Raylene Hinz-Penner, Clyde Ellis

Review of Beloved Women: The Political Lives of LaDonna Harris and Wilma Mankiller By Sarah Eppler Janda, Robert E. England

Review of The Border between Them: Violence and Reconciliation on the Kansas-Missouri Line By Jeremy Neely, Nicole Etcheson

Review of The Big Empty; Contemporary Nebraska Nonfiction Writers Edited by Ladette Randolph and Nina Shevchuk-Murray, Becky Faber

Review of Ruling Pine Ridge: Oglala Lakota Politics from the IRA to Wounded Knee By Akim D. Reinhardt, James V. Fenelon

Review of Axes: Willa Cather and William Faulkner By Merrill Maguire Skaggs, Ed Folsom

Review of Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation. By Jonathan Lear, Rodney Frey

Review of Upstream Metropolis: An Urban Biography of Omaha and Council Bluffs By Lawrence H. Larsen, Barbara J. Cottrell, Harl A. Dalstrom, and Kay Calame Dalstrom., Heather Fryer

Review of Lady Blackrobes: Missionaries in the Heart of Indian Country By Irene Mahoney, William Furdell

Review of Contact Zones: Aboriginal and Settler Women in Canada's Colonial Past Edited by Katie Pickles and Myra Rutherdale, Anne Gagnon

Review of The Calgary Project: Urban Form/Urban Life. By Beverly A. Sandalack and Andrei Nicolai., Pierre Gauthier

Review of The Texas Book: Profiles, History, and Reminiscences of the University. Edited by Richard A. Holland, Dwonna Naomi Goldstone

Review of Saskatchewan: The Luminous Landscape By Courtney Milne, Terry Graff

Review of Texas Quilts and Quilters: A Lone Star Legacy By Marcia Kaylakie with Janice Whittington, Virginia Gunn

Review of John Graves, Writer Edited by Mark Busby and Terrell Dixon, Pete Gunter

Review of Welcome to the Homeland: A Journey to the Rural Heart of America's Conservative Revolution By Brian Mann, Donald Haider-Markel

Review of Welcome to the Homeland: A Journey to the Rural Heart of America's Conservative Revolution By Brian Mann, Donald P. Haider-Markel

Review of Forging an American Identity: The Art of William Ranney: With a Catalogue of His Works. By Linda Bantel and Peter H. Hassrick, Kenneth Haltman

Review of Identity by Design: Tradition, Change, and Celebration in Native Women's Dresses Edited by Emil Her Many Horses, Emma Hansen

Review of Cowtown Wichita and the Wild, Wicked West. By Stan Hoig, Robin C. Henry

Review of Policing the Great Plains: Rangers, Mounties, and the North American Frontier, 1875-1910 By Andrew R. Graybill, Michael Hogue

Review of American Windmills: An Album of Historic Photographs. By T. Lindsay Baker, Jim Hoy

Review of The Force of Vocation, By Adele Wiseman, Leslie Ianno

Review of 900 Miles from Nowhere: Voices from the Homestead Frontier. By Steven R. Kinsella, Thomas Isern

Reviews of Hunger for the Wild: America's Obsession with the Untamed West By Michael L. Johnson and Frontiers: A Short History of the American West By Robert V. Hine and John Mack Faragher, Karl Jacoby

Review of New Indians, Old Wars By Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Bruce E. Johansen

Review of War Dance at Fort Marion: Plains Indian War Prisoners. By Brad D. Lookingbill, Michael Jordan

Review of American Indians, the Irish, and Government Schooling: A Comparative Study By Michael C. Coleman, Katie Kane

Shaping Nebraska An Analysis Of Railroad And Land Sales, 1870-1880, Kurt E. Kinbacher and William G. Thomas III

Review of A Great Restlessness: The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen by Faith Johnston, Valerie Korinek

Review of Living Blue in the Red States Edited by David Starkey, Greg Kosmicki

Review of Mennonites in Texas: The Quiet in the Land Text and photographs by Laura L. Camden and Susan Gaetz Duarte., Marilyn E. Lehman

Review of The Rise of the Centennial State: Colorado Territory, 1861-76. By Eugene H. Berwanger, Stephen J. Leonard

Review of Hard Passage: A Mennonite Family's Long Journey from Russia to Canada By Arthur Kroeger, Royden Loewen

Review of Ballots and Bullets: The Bloody County Seat Wars of Kansas By Robert K. DeArment, Christopher Lovett

Review of Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes: Nine Indian Writers on the Legacy of the Expedition Edited by Alvin M. Josephy Jr. with Marc Jaffe and Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country: The Native American Perspective Edited by Frederick E. Hoxie and Jay T. Nelson, Robert J. Miller

Review of Jim Lane: Scoundrel, Statesman, Kansan By Robert Collins, Craig Miner

Review of Hot Coffee and Cold Truth: Living and Writing the West. Edited by W. C. Jameson, David Mogen

Review of The Rise and Fall of Indian Country, 1825-1855 By William E. Unrau., Roger Nichols

Review of The Cherokee Trail of Tears Essay by Duane King, James W. Parins

Review of Jane Gilmore Rushing: A West Texas Writer and Her Work By Lou Halsell Rodenberger, Tom Pilkington

Review of In the Days of Our Grandmothers: A Reader in Aboriginal Women's History in Canada Edited by Mary-Ellen KeIm and Lorna Townsend, Gillian Poulter

Jewish Community In Wichita, 1920-1970 Same Wagon, New Horses, Jay M. Price

Review of Mennonites, Politics, and Peoplehood: Europe-Russia- Canada, 1525-1980 By James Urry, Benjamin W. Redekop

Review of Lakotas, Black Robes, and Holy Women: German Reports from the Indian Missions in South Dakota, 1886-1900 Edited by Karl Markus Kreis, Joshua M. Rice

Naming A Place Nicodemus, Rosamond C. Rodman

Extending the Security Net The Impact of Rangeland Insurance On Ranching Economy and Culture, Rex J. Rowley

Review of One West, Two Myths II: Essays on Comparison Edited by C. L. Higham and Robert Thacker, Molly Rozum

Review of What Becomes You. By Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz, Gayle Salamon

Review of Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians Edited by David J. Wishart, James Sherow

Review of Marking the Land: Jim Dow in North Dakota Photographs and narrative by Jim Dow, Robert Silberman

Review of Writing the Trail: Five Women's Frontier Narratives By Deborah Lawrence, Sherry Smith

Review of To Remain an Indian: Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education By K. Tsianina Lomawaima and Teresa L. McCarty, Ruth Spack

Review of Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds: The African Diaspora in Indian Country Edited by Tiya Miles and Sharon P. Holland, Susan Stebbins

The Pageant of Paha Sapa An Origin Myth of White Settlement In The American West, Linea Sundstrom

Review of Native Moderns: American Indian Painting, 1940-1960. By Bill Anthes, Joyce M. Szabo

Review of Of This Earth: A Mennonite Boyhood in the Boreal Forest By Rudy Wiebe, Hildi Froese Tiessen

Review of Gall: Lakota War Chief By Robert W. Larson, Herman Viola

Review of The Cowboy Girl: The Life of Caroline Lockhart By John Clayton, Karen Walcott

Review of Art of the Cherokee: Prehistory to the Present By Susan C. Power, Mary Jo Watson

Review of Notebooks of Elizabeth Cook-Lynn By Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Jace Weaver

Review of Diaspora in the Countryside: Two Mennonite Communities and Mid~Twentieth~Century Rural Disjuncture. By Royden Loewen, Hans Werner

Contradictory Subtexts In Willa Cather's O Pioneers! And Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd, Grace Wetzel


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Notes and News- Spring 2007

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Review of The Heavy Hand of History: Interpreting Saskatchewan's PastEdited by Gregory P. Marchildon; On the Side of the People: A History of Labour in Saskatchewan By Jim Warren and Kathleen Carlisle; & Saskatoon: A History in Photographs By Jeff O'Brien, Ruth W. Millar, and William P. Delainey

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Review of Elias Cornelius Boudinot: A Life on the Cherokee Border By James W. Parins, Brad Agnew

Review of An Opportunity Lost: The Truman Administration and the Farm Policy Debate By Virgil W. Dean, Kristin L. Ahlberg

Vengeance Without Justice, Injustice Without Retribution The Afro-American Council’s Struggle Against Racial Violence, Shawn Leigh Alexander

Review of The Broidered Garment: The Love Story of Mona Martinsen andlohn G. Neihardt By Hilda Martinsen Neihardt, Timothy G. Anderson