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Maxon, Maria & Stapp, Emma Kate & Besonen, David & Drvol, Stan & Earnest, John. Lending Advice Engine. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2021.


Copyright Maria Maxon & Emma Kate Stapp & David Besonen & Stan Drvol & John Earnest 2021.


The 2020-2021 FNBO Design Studio project is aimed to empower potential FNBO customers by providing them more information surrounding the best options available based on their financial situation. To do this, the team developed a comprehensive lending advice engine that can recommend options tailored to each customer’s individual circumstances and financial goals and created an accessible web application to allow customers to input their financial situation and navigate lending options to pursue with a banker at FNBO. Customers at FNBO facing important financial decisions do not have access to a simple online resource that gives personalized recommendations based on their comprehensive financial situation. Our vision for the project is to empower customers at FNBO to feel in control of their financial decisions by creating a holistic lending advice engine to offer financial guidance. The team created a lending decision tree and logic and a web application to gather information and display relevant loans.