International Coalition for Multilingual Education and Equity (ICMEE)


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International Consortium for Multilingual Excellence in Education (ICMEE)

Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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Day 1 • Who am I? reading comprehension, Create your own family tree, Calculating ages, Family tree vocabulary practice

Day 2 • Cute features caused by gene mutations by, adaptation by Newsela staff, Examining fingerprints, Find and complete the pattern, Practicing sequence words and phrases

Day 3 • What do dominant and recessive mean? by Washington Post, adapted by Newsela staff, Practicing with Punnett squares, My own dominant and recessive genetics, Graphic genetic traits

Day 4 • Who am I? Barack Obama: timeline of important events, Timeline of interesting events from my life, Mirella's eyes: identifying sequence language, Family vocabulary word find

Day 5 • Who am I? Write your autobiography, Artists: Frida Kahlo by Evelyn Quezada, adapted by Newsela staff, Let's move!

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