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International Consortium for Multilingual Excellence in Education (ICMEE)

Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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Day 1 • Journal: think about a job you have or want to have, Who was Dolores Huerta?, Science: What are landforms?

Day 2 • Journal: what are some ways you can help the students in your school?. Strikes and boycotts, Compare and contrast, Science: Landforms, adjectives

Day 3 • Journal: how is Dolores Huerta similar and different from Susan B. Anthony?, Strike or boycott?, Is and are, Science: Landforms, adjectives

Day 4 • Journal: what is an example of a job many people have?, Strike and boycott: draw a picture, Science: identifying and describing landforms

Day 5 • Journal: who is the most interesting person you learned about in these 5 weeks?, How can we change laws that are unfair?, Science: mountains or the beach?

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