International Coalition for Multilingual Education and Equity (ICMEE)


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International Consortium for Multilingual Excellence in Education (ICMEE)

Introduction letter available in English and Spanish.


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Day 1 • Choose a Buddy, Vocabulary practice Day 1, Vocabulary trace, Weather mini book, What time is it?, Journal writing

Day 2 • Vocabulary practice Day 2, Workout time: garbage bag kite, The strongest wind: tornadoes, Journal writing

Day 3 • Vocabulary practice Day 3, Read the clues, Workout time: yoga, Blizzards!, How much time?, Journal writing

Day 4 • Vocabulary practice Day 4, Describe the picture, Timed workout, A big wave!: hurricanes, How much time?, Journal writing

Day 5 • Vocabulary practice Day 5, Make a weather report, When will it be over? (how much time has elapsed?), Journal writing, My dictionary

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