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First Name: Bradley

Last Name: Severa

Department: Information Technology Services UNL

Campus: UNL


Phone: 4024720606

Track: Emerging Technology

Title: Academic Tech Support Spec

Session Type: Panel Discussion

Session Title: It Takes a System to Build an Affordable Content Program

Availability: Anytime


Brad Severa, M.A., Academic Technology Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jane L. Petersen, Director, Academic Technology and Client Services, University of Nebraska-Kearney

Dr. Kimberly Carlson, Professor & Assistant Chair, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska-Kearney

Mrs. Betty Jacques, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska-Kearney

Dr. Brian Moore, Professor of Music Education and Music Technology, Glenn Korff School of Music, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Andrew J. Cano, Virtual Learning Librarian (Assistant Professor) University Libraries, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Michael R. Jolley, M.A., Instructional Design Technology Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Presentation Abstract:

Since 2006, the price of textbooks has dramatically exploded, with the cost of a college text book increasing more than four times the rate of inflation.

This cross-campus panel includes Faculty, an Instructional Designer, Librarian and ITS Staff discussing how to build an affordable textbook program.

The UNK members will share learning outcomes from the Kelly Grant project including; using OER materials in courses, converting to digital textbooks, lessons learned and helpful hints for success.

The UNL members will introduce the Digital Materials Initiative opportunities at the Lincoln campus. A UNL faculty member will discuss his years of experience in creating and using an iBook in his course, and how it has evolved over the years in his department.

This is an open panel conversation for the audience to ask questions about OER and for faculty to share their experience with teaching and using OER materials in their course.

It takes many people from different specialties, working across campuses to create real impact for students. This large panel represents just a portion of the many people needed to implement all the tools and methods required to create positive change for the University of Nebraska system.


1. Open Educational Resources (OERs)

2. Affordability

3. Resources for Faculty

4. Improving Learning Outcomes

Suggested Audience: Faculty

Presentation Needs:

No special requirements for this session.