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Presented at Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium, University of Nebraska, May 8, 2018.


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Some people think of higher education as a sleepy backwater, where hardly anything changes too often. But for all of us living through it right now, higher education has become a whitewater adventure! Change is happening all around us in hundreds of different ways. Today, we’ll explore the who, why, how and what of change.

• Who is changing…who is promoting change…who has to live with the change

• Why are some people just better at change than others and what can you do to help your organization move forward?

• How can you manage change best … both as someone called on to change and someone who is a change leader? • What can you do to make the change process more worthwhile and more effective no matter what your role may be?

We’ll close the day with a rousing exploration of how change happens, who can make things change for the better and what your role can be whenever the next BIG CHANGE appears. Based on research and extensive experience working with organizations deeply involved in change, Marjorie Kostelnik will provide insights, humor and a few words to the wise – all about change. Bring your paddle and your life vest as we plunge in the whitewater of change!