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Soil: Techniques and Production Methods and How They Conserve Resources • Mark Kuzila

Soil Productivity Vital for Economical Crop Production • Richard Ferguson

Leading Through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources • Charles Wortmann

Scientific Trait Development • P. Stephen Baenziger

Center for Plant Science Innovation: Developing Better Foods and Fuels • Edgar Cahoon

Crops Innovations Overview • Mark Lagrimini

Grapes and Wine: Adding Value to Nebraska’s Economy • Paul Read

UNL Plant Trait Research Saves Water, Grows More Food • James Specht

Feeding the World from Nebraska’s Research Technology • Larry Berger

Research Means Better Ag Productivity, Better Marketing Opportunities • Wes Peterson

The Debate: Food for Fuel • Richard Perrin


Harnessing Nebraska’s Wind Energy • Jerry Hudgins

Nebraska’s Solar Potential Bright • Natale Ianno

Green Slime Slides into Biofuels Arena: How Algal Biofuels May Be the Next Alternative • George Oyler

Biofuels: Progress and Importance • George Oyler

Camelina as a Biofuel, Biolubricant • Edgar Cahoon

Ethanol: Powering the Vehicles of the Future • Loren Isom

Active Efficiency: A Closer Look at the Use of Ethanol Byproducts • Galen Erickson

Biofuels: The Economics of Environmental Impact • Adam Liska

Engineering Efficient Electric Vehicles: Powering the Future with Batteries • Dean Patterson



Creating the Next Generation of Sustainable Nebraskans • Wayne Drummond and Kim Todd

Climate Research Provides Economic Opportunities • Don Wilhite

Helping Nebraskans Navigate Climate Change • Martha Shulski

Sustainability: a Philosophy, a Goal • Charles Francis

Rural Sustainability is Key to Nebraska’s Future • Sandra Scofield

Defining Drought and Its Impact • Michael Hayes


Increasing Ag Water Productivity • Ken Cassman

The Bread Basket of the World • Jesse Korus and Matt Joekel

Water Monitoring Key to Competition • David Admiraal

Maximizing the Value of Water • Derrel Martin

Improving Water Starts with Conservation Techniques • Tom Franti

Water Law Regulates Usage • J. David Aiken

Nebraska’s Water Resources, Management Offer Global Learning Opportunity • Anthony Schutz

Water Center Focuses on Water Quality, Sustainability • Bruce Dvorak and Lorrie Benson


Water for Food Institute a Global Leader in Water, Food Research • J.B. Milliken

IANR Progress in Science, Technology Moves U.S. Forward • Ronnie Green

Addressing the Need and Planning the Future of Science Research • Susan Fritz

Ag Science = Exciting Opportunities • Steven Waller

Planning For the Future: A Look at the Evolving Scientific Workforce • Beth Birnstihl and Mark Griep

Educating Future Science Communicators • Mark Balschweid

Donor Funding Makes Projects Come to Life • Ann Bruntz