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Fall 10-15-2011


Bernard R. McCoy, Jerry Renaud, Adam Wagler, Amy Struthers, et al.. "Student Perceptions of Public Relations and Journalism: A Pilot Study of Attitude Shifts through Curriculum Innovation" Journal of Media Education Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (2011)
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Published in the October, 2011 Journal of Media Education


Journalism and public relations have had a long and often contentious relationship. It is rare when journalists and advertising/PR specialists work well together in the real world. It is equally rare when advertising, public relations and journalism students work together as part of their classroom education. This mixed methods pilot study explored the perceptions journalism and public relations majors had about each other’s professions. The experimental group was comprised of 40 journalism and public relations majors who worked together covering a national event in an experimental college class. The control group included 68 students who participated in a more traditional college class required of all journalism and public relations majors. A survey was completed by both groups. Results indicated that students who participated in the experimental class differed in their perceptions of public relations and journalism practitioners compared with students who participated in the control class.