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The purpose of the study is to understand the performance of knowledge portal of national repute in India on webometric scale and shall also assist admins of the select sites to take corrective measures if needed and also visualize a better and more efficient web presence. The study has selected the reputed knowledge portals of national importance for assessing their impact and performance in terms of webometrics. The investigator selected Alexa web ranking portal ( for harvesting the required data for select web portals. Besides, to gauge the revised web impact factor (RWIF) Developer Shed, an Open Site Explorer service, was employed that measure the total number of indexed pages by different search engines. the harvested data has been analyzed, refined, tabulated and interpreted to ferret out meaningful findings. The study found Shodhganga is having best rank at global and Indian levels and National Digital Library of India (NDLI) has highest RWIF. The highest estimated daily unique pageviews per visitor is for egyankosh (6.91 pages) strangely it also has third biggest bounce rate (56.00%). The Swayam portal has second highest daily unique pageviews per visitor (6.66) and has least bounce rate among the select sites. It is found that Swayam is most popular site with daily time on site of 09:06 minutes followed by National Digital Library of India (06:48). The Swayam e-learning web portal is overwhelmingly used by people in India (97.30%) followed by National Digital Library of India (96.30%). The study shall offer an insight to admins of knowledge portals about different aspect that may need to be addressed for more efficient and effect web visibility.