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Spring 4-1-2019


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The purpose of the study is to investigate the why users need Internet in college Libraries. For the concern of this the investigator has made a study on the use of the Internet by the students and faculty members of the colleges’ libraries in Karnataka, India. The main objective is to find out the use of the Internet, analyse the use of the Internet in relation to other information sources and how they perceive the advantages of Internet and problems for accessing them. Study results show that the academic community who participated in this survey are aware of the Internet. Even though a Majority of the respondents are using the internet for general information, e-mail, finding relevant information, writing research articles and for searching, jobs and Majority of the respondents visited 618 (68.67%) stated that their college has an independent website and whereas 282 (31.33%) of respondents are not visited college website. Highest numbers of users are visiting their college website.



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