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This study intends to explore the use of mobile applications used by library diploma students, Universitas Airlangga in supporting their learning process. In this study, the 132 respondents were first, second, and third year of library diploma students who were willing to fill out questionnaires, taken from 200 active library diploma students. Online questionnaires were distributed for 2 weeks in February 2019, where students filled out online closed-ended questionnaires. The researcher also conducted in-depth interviews with several students to explore further data. There are 6 questions given, namely the type of smartphone used, the amount of memory and storage on the smartphone, the number of installed applications, applications that help in lectures, and application functions in supporting lectures.The most widely used applications are those which enable them to share information, communicate, and collaborate. Information sharing in the form of documents, videos, images, and text is mostly done by students through Whatsapp, Line, and Gmail. The mobile facebook application is used by students and students use this facebook group to monitor the tasks and information from lecturers and the department administrators. Mobile applications that are widely downloaded are translate applications and dictionaries; there are 3 applications that are commonly downloaded by students, namely Google translate, Kamusku, and KBBI (Indonesian Dictionary).



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