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Winter 11-11-2020


Occupational stress has become presently a vital issue for research and a major concern for human resource management in any organization. The present study intends to categorize and assess the levels of occupational stress faced by the library professionals in university libraries of Assam, India and also to identify the most powerful stressors generating occupational stress amongst them. Descriptive research design and survey method was used for this study to obtain data from 66 Library Professionals working in the libraries of Central universities, State universities, and the Institution which has been given the status of a university. A structured questionnaire adapted from Occupational Stress Index (OSI) of Srivastava and Singh (1984) and Organisational Role Stress (ORS) Scale of Pareek (1983) was employed as a tool for measuring occupational stress among the respondents. The collected data were subjected to statistical analysis using simple percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test statistics. The findings of the study revealed that the library professionals were experiencing high level of occupational stress. Role Overload was found to be the most powerful stressor with highest weighted average (x̅ = 6.27). No significant difference (p > 0.05) was found in the mean scores of occupational stress of library professionals on the basis of their gender and marital status. This study is significantly useful for the library professionals of academic library to assess the levels of occupational stress they are experiencing as well as identify the stressors in order to adopt coping strategies for dealing with such stress.



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