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The purpose of the study is to investigate the role of social network in academic delay of University students of Pakistan. The study design was the quantitative and applied descriptive. The population of the study was students of under graduate program of universities. Multistage cluster sampling techniques was used to select the respondents of the study. The size of sample was 375 participants of study. Primary data collection through questionnaire which was adopted in this study, from previous studies of Solomon and Rothblum Academic Procrastination Questionnaire (1984) and Social Networks Questionnaire developed by the authors. Data analyses for required data was performed in SPSS through tests were Mann Whitney and chi-square. The result of the study indicates that there is no difference between male and female respondents for delay behavioral change and unpleasant feeling caused by academic delay. The Online Social network components of the study have greatest correlation and impact on academic procrastination of the students in Universities.