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The objective of this study was to explore the strategies adopted by Library and Information Science (LIS) Postgraduate M. Phil. and Ph.D. Students to cope with challenges in dissertation-writing. Firstly, an in-depth analysis of the relevant literature was done. A quantitative approach followed by a survey research design was followed to meet the set objective of the study. The population of the study was 98 research scholars of which 72 were enrolled in M.Phil. Program and 26 in Ph.D. Program. The findings of the study show that researchers face several problems during dissertation writing and they adopt different strategies to cope with prevalent challenges. Researchers face problems related to their supervisors, topic selection, population, institutional related challenges, etc. Library Science Scholars adopt various strategies to cope with challenges during dissertation writing. They attend language classes to grab language skills. They attend special training sessions to get the requisite skills. They get assistance from friends and colleagues. The study has practical implications for Library Schools to implement practical solutions to be offered to LIS Research Scholars so that they might bring completion to research-based tasks efficiently.