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This paper presents a quantitative analysis of remote sensing, in terms of research out put throughout the world during 1975 – FEB 2010. During that period, 1188 papers have been published and the cited references have been 30654. The average number of publications published per year has been 38.07. The highest number of paper (119) was published in the year of 2009. The USA topped the list with 473 (39.8%) publications, followed by UK with 128 (10.8%) publications, India with 93 (7.8%) publications respectively. The highly productive authors are Kaufman YJ with 13 (1.1%) publications, followed by Wagner W with 10 (0.8%) publications. There were 1082 institutions involved in the research with NASA which topped the list with 112 (9.4%), followed by NOAA with 48 (4%) publications. The most preferred journal is IEEE Transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing with 103 papers, followed by International journal of Remote Sensing with 95 papers, Acta Astronautica with 64 papers. The most preferred language by scientist is English with 1170 (98.5%) publications.