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Poster presented by Sue Ann Gardner at OA11: CERN-UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communications, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2019.


Copyright 2019 A. Cano, S. Gardner, P. Royster. Released under CC-BY license.


* Lower-Middle-Income country (World Bank definition): Gross National Income (GNI) average < 4,000 $US

1 Pedagogical content is valuable and popular. Age of the material is not a factor.

2 There is a significant international audience and talent pool for no-cost free-access publishing.

3 The higher value of the institutional repository is its access to metrics of impact and outreach.

What is a FOLO ? Free Online Learning Object

Downloads by country, April 2018--March 2019 (12 mos.)

25 % of IR downloads to LMI countries; 37% to other international; 38% to US.

Analysis of downloads and patterns in India, Philippines, & Nigeria.