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Hoeve, C., and Deards, K. (2022). Creating a Popular Science Collection to Support Interest, Research, and Curriculum at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries. Pop Culture Association Annual Conference, April 15, 2022.


Copyright © 2022 Casey Hoeve and Kiyomi Deards


In 2016 the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries opened the Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons in the main library (Love Library) with the intention of creating an informal user space for study and social interactions. Within the Learning Commons, a popular science collection was curated based upon patron interest and to organize a scattered collection into a more discoverable location. The collection has been highly used by patrons, and new content is regularly added each year.

In addition to general interest, the popular science collection supports on-campus classes and colloquial talks. In this presentation, the history of the collection and which courses and speaking series it supports are discussed. Also included is an analysis of the collection to determine strengths and gaps, including diverse, equitable, and inclusive materials.

Furthermore, this presentation offers where information can be found to help develop a popular science collection, including such resources as professional associations, partner libraries, booksellers, publishers, and websites, thus demonstrating our best practices to combine these resources to continue building an updated popular science collection.

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PowerPoint version Hoeve and Deards April 2022