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Published in Human Resource Management 52:2 (March–April 2013), pp. 215–242; doi: 10.1002/hrm.21528


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Invoking strategic human resource management (SHRM) theory and tenets of the resource-based view of the firm, we explore how two bundles of diversity and equality management (DEM) practices influence racial diversity in the managerial ranks. By considering the conceptualization of DEM practices and the moderating role of firm size, our study disentangles subtle nuances in the DEM practices– racial diversity in managerial ranks relationship. Based on a sample of 137 Fortune 1,000 firms over a two-year period, our results suggest that minority opportunity- based DEM practices and manager accountability DEM practices positively relate to racial diversity in managerial ranks, and these relationships are stronger in smaller companies than large ones. Theoretical and practical implications for a strategic perspective on future diversity management research are elaborated.