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Published in Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, vol. 13, no. 2 (2006), pp. 75–92.

doi 10.1177/10717919070130020601


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Meeting the challenge of effectively managing human resources requires new thinking and approaches. To extend the traditional perspective of economic capital, increasing recognition is being given to human capital and more recently social capital, this article proposes and empirically tests the potential added value that psychological capital may have for employee attitudes of satisfaction and commitment. After first providing the background and theory of PsyCap, this article reports a study of manufacturing employees (N = 74) that found a significant relationship between PsyCap and job satisfaction (r=.373) and organization commitment (r=.313). Importantly, the employees’ PsyCap had a significant added impact over human and social capital on these work attitudes. Future research and practical implications conclude the article.