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Academy of Management Journal 2018, Vol. 61, No. 4, 1343–1368.


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We invoke the person–environment fit paradigm to examine on a daily basis follower affective, attitudinal, and behavioral responses to transformational leadership needed and received. Results from two experience sampling method (ESM) studies suggested that positive affect was higher on days when transformational leadership received fit follower needs (compared to days when the amount received was deficient or in excess of follower needs) and on days when absolute levels of fit was higher. We also found that positive affect mediated the within-person effects of transformational leadership needed and received on subordinates’ daily work attitudes (Studies 1 and 2) and organizational citizenship behaviors (Study 2). Supplemental analyses in Study 2 revealed that subordinates need more transformational leadership when they experience more challenge stressors, face greater uncertainty at work, and perform more meaningful work.